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Embarcader Technology Partner


How to become our reseller

 To become reseller for our products please:

  • Send a message to Please refer the number of licenses you would like to purchase.
  • After receiving this message we'll provide you with the internet URL where you will be able to place an order. Our registration service accept all major credit cards and all major payment methods, including checks, phone/fax orders, wire transfer and purchase orders, they can also provide you with an invoice if it is necessary.
  • When you get a new customer for our products you purchase the license for this customer using the URL we've sent you (see above). After placing the order please send us the registration name to let us create registration key and Registered Users's area account for your customer. This information will be sent to you within 1 business day. You can also make an unfront purchase for your future customers we'll send you registration information upon request when you get a new customer.
  • After receiving the registration key and Registered User's are password you either send it to the customer together with the instructions or download and install full version of Shell+ Components on the customer's computer.


Reseller discount

Shell+ Components reseller can purchase software at a discount based on the number of licenses that they are purchasing during one month. The discount is calculated as indicated below.

  • 25% discount for 1-5 licenses/month
  • 35% discount for 6-10 licenses/month
  • 50% discount for 10+ licenses/month

Become our reseller!

If you would like to become an Shell+ Components reseller or you have questions about these opportunities, please e-mail us at

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