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Embarcader Technology Partner


 Support Options

Standard Support - Free

    We provide Standard Support via email. Please feel free to ask any questions related to Shell+ and shell extensions development. Support priotirized for people, who bought at least one Shell+ Licence.

    Standard Support include:

  •  Unlimited e-mail support
  •  Small demo examples and source code parts developed by user request
  •  Free Shell+ Updates during subscription period


Advanced Support - $20 per hour

    We provide Advanced Support via e-mail and Microsoft Messenger. People, who have Advanced Support receive replies guarrantied within one business day.

    Advanced Support include:

  •  Unlimited support via e-mail and Microsoft Messenger
  •  Reviewing your source code, fixing or pointing on the problems
  •  You pay money after your problem was solved
  •  You don't pay money if your problem caused by Shell+ Components
  •  Siging your NDA (if required)


Please use the following addresses to contact us:

     Common questions and requests:

 Prices and pre-sales questions:

 Technical support and assistance:


    Or use our contact form:

Your Name
Your e-mail



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