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Embarcader Technology Partner


ShellPlus Development Group announces ShellPlus 3.0

Shell extension components suite released on March 16, 2006

March 16, 2006 ShellPlus Development Group announced version 3.0 of first VCL components package enabling Delphi and BDS developers write eye-pleasing, feature-rich extensions for Windows Shell. Unlike common shell extension development techniques, ShellPlus offers a powerful set of VCL components to extend Windows Explorer with 3-rd party applications without writing any tricky code!

ShellPlus Components are for Delphi and BDS developers who would like to integrate their products to Windows Shell without having to invest large amounts of valuable time investigating the practices and pitfalls of Windows Shell development. This intuitive and easy-to-use component package handles all required methods and interfaces allowing developers to focus on writing their application code. The results are powerful applications that provide a high degree of integration with the Windows Shell while leveraging operating system features that their customers make use of every day.

"Many developers have realized that shell extensions are the easiest way to create successful software products that leverage the billions of dollars of research Microsoft puts into user interface design and testing" - said Aleksander Tischenko, CEO of ShellPlus Development Group. "However, many developers are faced with looming deadlines and therefore do not have the time to invest the significant effort required to learn a complex technology such as the Windows Shell. Our desire was to help developers create Namespace extensions, Shortcut Menus, Property Sheets, Thumbnail Image Handlers and other kinds of shell extensions without worrying about the complexity of how it all works. Our approach allows developers to add advanced features to their applications without getting bogged down in the details of low-level Windows Shell development".

According to Mr. Tischenko "ShellPlus Development Group has achieved the most flexible solution for creating shell extension applications using pure component technology. The components are time-proved and some of our customers have been passes the DoD tests with products that were developed using ShellPlus components."

The ShellPlus Development Group leverages the wildly successful partnership of Lamantine Software and Alexey Dynnikov, author of the popular SvCom component set. The company remains solidly committed to providing Delphi and C++ builder developers with the best possible solutions for integrating their applications with the Windows platform.

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